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  Brazil , Sao Paulo
  USA - East , New York
  USA - East , Chicago
  USA - East , Ashburn
  USA - East , Miami
  USA - West , Los Angeles
  USA - West , Dallas
  USA - West , Seattle
  Canada , Beauharnois

  Spain , Madrid
  Czechia , Prague
  Germany , Frankfurt
  Italy , Milan
  Poland , Gdansk
  Poland , Warsaw
  Turkey , Istanbul
  Ukraine , Kyiv
  Latvia , Riga
  United Kingdom , London
  Netherlands , Amsterdam
  Russia , Moscow
  Russia , Yekaterinburg
  France , Paris
  Switzerland , Zurich
Asia Pacific

  Taiwan , Taipei
  Japan , Tokyo
  Korea , Seoul
  Thailand , Bangkok
  Australia , Sydney
  Hong Kong SAR
  Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur

  South Africa , Johannesburg
  Egypt , Cairo

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